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The band is always looking for new members either experienced or not.


The band will tutor any new student free of charge in lieu of a student committing themselves to the band as a full time playing member taking part in parades and events each year.


The band provides the basic uniform for summer/winter (kilts,jacket,shirts,hose,hats,belts,sporran)as well as the drums. Bagpipes are personal intruments that must be purchased by individual students/members.


Place: Toms River American Legion           

           Post 129           

           2025 Church Road           

           Toms River, NJ


Time: 7pm - 9:30pm


Drumming : Tom King - 848-448-0134                    

                     John King - 732-687-2207


Piping : Bill King - 732-864-7508             

              Tom McGovern - 856-366-5474


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